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Grounded Dual Outlet - 4 Pack

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Hug-A-Plug, White

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  • Overview: Hug-A-Plug's right-angle wall plug adapter is a premium-quality 15a 125v current tap, designed to connect electrical cords parallel to outlet surfaces. Available in colors: brown / black / ivory / white.
  • Safety: Virtually eliminates damage to electrical cords and plugs at outlets.
  • Functional: You will be amazed how easy it is to use outlets with Hug-A-Plug. Connect cords in places and ways never before possible.
  • Appearance: Every cord looks better in a Hug-A-Plug. Try one! They will look great in all your electrical outlets.
  • Space: Hug-A-Plug maximizes available floor and counter space in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms... throughout your home, office or business.
  • Versatile: As easy as plugging a cord into an outlet. No tools required, no outlet covers to remove. Simply insert Hug-A-Plug into any outlet, and it's ready. They are easily moved from outlet to outlet.
  • Convenience: Attach cords to outlets behind furniture and appliances.
  • Quality: Hug-A-Plugs not only look good, they are good. Made in the USA of high quality material to exacting standards, you won't find a better plug anywhere.

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Hug-A-Plug Specifications

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  • Product Description: Dual Outlet 15a 125v Current Tap
  • Plug Height: 1.398 (inches)
  • Plug Width: 1.768 (inches)
  • Plug Extends From Outlet: 1.618 (inches)
  • Plug Weight: 2.02 (ounces)
  • Warranty: Lifetime Replacement
  • Pack Size: 4 plugs
  • Shipping Weight: 4 Plug Pack - 9.75 (ounces)

Where Can I Use Hug-A-Plug?

  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Garage
  • Office
  • Workshop
  • Living Rooms
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I bought the non-grounded outlets a while ago and loved them. Then I mad a discovery. These plugs are absolutely fantastic to use in an RV where plugs (and space) are at a minimum. Even better that they are gounded! THANK YOU!

- Dawn Dowd

Awesome! This product had made a huge difference in my home! We can actually put our couch where we want it now without worrying about the annoying plugs behind it. I picked the plugs up on eBay for the best price!

- John

I LOVE your product. I keep buying more and more of them. I travel with one in my briefcase (so when I'm at the airport and there are no free plugs I can get someone to share a plug.) I have them on all the outlets in our kitchen (because having the plugs go sideways lets me push all the appliance back a couple of inches, making a surprising difference on available counter top space.)

- Des

Great Product! I love these plugs! I wish I would have ordered 4 instead of 2. It gives the outlet a sleeker look. Thanks for the candy!

- Trish

Outstanding product AND service I must admit that I don't usually get all that excited over electrical plugs. But the addition of the two Andes mints as filler in the box made me smile. :) Now I can have my television plugged in behind my dresser and yet not have my dresser 6-inches from the wall. Why didn't anybody think of this before? Anyway, I'm glad somebody finally did, and a company with such excellent service!

- Teri

Received the plug today. It works perfectly behind our new toaster oven. It's so nice to have more counter space in front of it and it looks so much more attractive! I was so pleased to find the candy you sent. That was so nice of you and so unexpected these days! With appreciation, Milinda


I love this product. For most devices, I can get the furniture closer to the wall now and not be concerned that the electric cord will become pinched.

- Steve

Great Plug - I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Thanks Hug-A-Plug. Now my furniture can be closer to the wall!

- Pearl